About Us

Meter Technical Services  (M T S) was founded in 2003 in Lakeland, Florida.  Drawing from over 10 years experience in the electric utility industry we discovered that there was an overwhelming  need for electric companies to find an easier way to update  their metering infrastructure to the 21st century.  The Utility market has enjoyed technology advancements not only in the meter itself,  but in the means by which they are read, maintained and calibrated.  One of the most prevalent advancements has been the invention, and wide spread implementation, of Automated Meter Reading devices (AMR's) or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  This technology allows the utility to read meters on demand, receive early indications of gross changes in power demand, early detection in the event of an interruption of service and provides metering data that can be put to many uses (Meter Data Management).  M T S has positioned itself to service the utility in the implementation of these AMR devices / AMI while allowing the utility to utilize our testing and calibration expertise to streamline their facilities.  In addition we have created a meter recycling center that gives utilities who are upgrading their meters the opportunity to sell us  their 'retired' meters  to be refurbish and offered for resale to international or domestic customers.

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