AMI System Analysis and Maintenance

Here is an overview of what we do on a weekly and monthly basis to maximize your AMR (Automated Meter Reading) / AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) investment.   These systems do no yet manage themselves, but their capabilities combined with our consulting expertise, and you'll wonder if they just might be running themselves...

Maximize your utility's AMR / AMI investment by ensuring your metering system is optimized and maintained to perform to its full capacity.

We will analyze your AMR / AMI system regularly and work closely with your metering, billing and customer service departments to ensure a smooth and consistent AMR / AMI system integration...

Our goal is to keep your system running at a minimum 98% successful read rate.  You will receive detailed, easy to read reports showing your AMI system's optimization success.  Monthly graphs will show your utility's successful automated read rates and overall efficiency of your AMR / AMI system.  We also provide detailed consultation and instruction for continued system optimization, help guide you towards your full deployment and maximize your utility's ROI (Return on Investment).

Here is an overview of what we will perform in order to Optimize your AMR / AMI System:

  •  Check AMR equipped meters that are not logging

  •  Check AMR equipped meters that are in a Find status.

  •  Check AMR equipped meters that are in a Lost status.

  •   Focus on meters where billing is coming up.

  •   Help troubleshoot communications and signal of endpoints.

  •   Move meters into groups for current diversion detection.

  •   Set up status groups.

  •   Work with billing to maximize successful Automated Meter Readings.

  •   Work with Metering Dept.  to evaluate AMR meters that need to be visited.


  • Work with Engineering locating AMR fitted meters that have failed.

  • Come onsite or have meters shipped to us to evaluate meters pulled from field.

  • Provide reports monthly on system health and progress.

  • Work with your AMI manufacturers' Tech Support on wider issues.

  • Offer to Change out faulty endpoints and handle the RMA process.

  • Ensure you take full advantage of your AMI system.


Things we need to make your AMR System a success:
  • Access to your AMI / AMR System remotely

  • Access to your billing system remotely

  • Cooperation from the Billing, Engineering, and Metering Departments


With AMR / AMI maintenance packages starting 

as low as $500/month you can't afford not to!


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