AMR/AMI Project Management and Implementation


We have an AMR/AMI specialist on staff, monitoring and ensuring that the critical data that makes your AMI work smoothly and effectively is 100% correct.  Too often we see contractors being called in to 'fix' errors that should have been caught before deployment.  Our goal is ZERO mistakes, so you can be sure there will be no delays or frustrations in your metering migration.  Once you are up and running, let us guide you and help you maximize your investment to ensure you get the most out of your AMI dollar!  We will take all the worry out of moving toward an automated meter reading solution...Don't hesitate, call now!

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AMR Installation

At M T S we are fully equipped to retrofit AMR devices into a your meters.  We offer full test, installation and calibration services to ensure the reliability of your AMR investment.

AMR System Analysis and Maintenance

We know change can be a challenge and keeping up with your new system can be hard to manage.  With this in mind we have developed a team dedicated to taking the burden off and ensuring you get the most out of your AMI investment.  Please see our section dedicated to this aspect of our services list.  

>AMR System Analysis and Maintenance<

What is AMR?

Automatic Meter Reading, or “AMR” technology has been used to monitor utility use for more than 15 years.  It is the best method to quickly and accurately gauge consumption. AMR equipment allows remote monitoring of water, gas, and electric meters by transmitting meter readings to a host computer. It saves time, increases efficiency, and eliminates the need for estimated reads.

How AMR Works

First, an AMR device is installed along with the meter. Readings from the AMR device are transmitted to a reading unit which could be a walk-by, drive-by, or fixed network system. The AMR receiver retrieves these reads to generate customer energy bills. The reads are also published to web reports on the manufacturer's web interface software and can easily be accessed online via your login and username.

Meter readings are transmitted in a variety of ways, including:

  • "Wireless" RF radio signals
  • Touch Pads
  • Internet
  • Power Line Carriers (PLC)
  • Telephone Lines
  • Cellular Modems
  • Cable Lines

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Benefits of AMR Technology

Easy to Implement: AMR technology is easy to implement and is extremely dependable. An AMR system can be installed with new meters or adapted to existing meters.

Immediate Savings: You will be able to see the difference remote monitoring makes when you look at your first utility bill under an AMR system. Instead of relying on readings that approximate actual energy consumption, you will save money by enjoying more accurate reads.

AMR as Watchdog Service: Early detection of suspicious spikes in energy use means you have more time to find and stop the problem. AMR technology also improves that chance of detecting theft of service or current diversion.

Fewer Complaints: Accurate meter readings may reduce customer complaints. Your customers will be more likely to trust that their utility bills are based on accurate reads rather than estimated reads.


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