Our Services

Utilities are under increased pressure to become more efficient in today's competitive environment. Many utilities are turning to outsourcing partnerships as an ideal way to streamline billing, customer care, and other services in order to become more cost efficient while concentrating on their core businesses.

Our customized portfolio of services sets M T S apart from the traditional utility outsource partner. We offer services that are customer oriented and developed for the utility industry by utility experts.

M T S services include:


AMR System Maintenance and Analysis
  Meter Data Management

Meter Testing & Repair Services Including High Bill Complaints

Meter Installation & Meter Reading

Meter and AMR Installation Services.

Meter and AMR / AMI Maintenance.

Meter Reconditioning & Remarketing

Project management.

Products from top AMR manufacturers.

Cost Savings are Synonymous with Meter Change outs.

Studies show that a typical utility meter can lose 10 percent or more of its accuracy after 10 years. As time goes by, the inaccuracies compound to 40 percent or more. Determining when to replace or repair old and ineffective meters is a decision facing utilities every day.

M T S can help you make decisions on what products make sense for your utility or municipality. Our team of experts can "crunch the numbers" and help develop a customized meter program for your needs. Along with recommending meters, we can handle the reading, installation and maintenance of metering and meter reading devices.          M T S can also help make your utility more accurate and more profitable by allowing your staff to focus on its core responsibilities.

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